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The Academy opened in early 2010 after re-locating from its previous premises of over 10 years.
Our aim is to offer students, especially Children, a multi-level education into the Fighting Arts.
We pride ourselves in having a modern approach to martial arts training, but still maintains the etiquette found in more traditional systems.

The Academy covers 6 ranges of combat, from hand held weaponry to ground fighting, drawing from various systems including Muay Thai and The Filipino Martial Arts.

“We teach our students a functionality within each range so that he or she can move from one fighting range to the next fluently and without a conscious need to switch from system to system."

Although competition is no longer a the forefront of the curriculum at AMAA, we have, over the years, produced multiple World, European and British Champions in Muay Thai, MMA and Kickboxing. 


Auckland Martial Arts Academy is the only school in the area to have authority to promote the ‘Jeet Kune Do Concepts’ under Sifu Marc McFann - USA and gives the Academy direct lineage to the Inosanto Academy – Los Angeles USA.

The Academy's Senior Instructor, Richard Welsh is also proud to be a CSW Certified Affiliate and has had close friendship, for many years, with the founder of Combat Submission Wrestling - Sensei Erik Paulson – USA


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Unified Fighting Arts

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Martial Arts

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